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Chris Messina as Detective Bowden
Zoie Palmer as Cheryl
Caroline Dhavernas as Elsa Nahai
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mirandazeegore 9 / 10

Trapped in a box!

Great idea! This was a really finely crafted film - all told primarily in a steel box! I applaud the filmmakers for keeping this captivating from start to finsih

Reviewed by lilasalovaara 8 / 10

I'm glad i ran into this movie and didn't ignore it

From my point of view, the movie's point isn't to scare your ass off. Its point is to piece together horror, thriller and a little bit of comedy. Its point is to seem interesting and not to seem predictable - personally, i have so much valuation to films that doesn't have a simple idea. The films that gets you confused with their abnormal atmosphere. The films that leave you guessing and biting your nails.

I think the characters are amazingly done - i mean, their lines make you laugh and each one of them expresses themselves differently. My favorite is the curly hair-guy who talks all the time, including sarcasm and humor in his talk. The others get just pissed off and tell him to shut up :D THAT IS SO FUNNY.

I mean, they are stuck in the elevator and they have to stand each other in such a cramped pace and yet, for such a long time. If this doesn't impress you enough, at least watch this movie for Logan Marshall Green because his performance in his role is impressing. I remember him from The OC tv show, as Ryan Atwood's brother, Trey in the later seasons.

This movie made me laugh, entertained, a little bit of skittish and very involved. I think it's amazingly and uniquely done. One of interesting things in the movie for me is to think that someone of those people in the elevator, is the devil! People died one at a time and it left you to question those who are still alive. It's like freaking detective game for you :D

I just have to say, i'm proud i watched this movie. It made me feel entertained afterwards. Movies like this are one of the good reasons to stay alive.

Reviewed by J Smith (Spike_the_Cactus) 8 / 10

Lift based horror on so many levels

I tend to avoid anything even remotely associated with Shyamalame, and did the same to this after seeing his writing credit. I'm happy to say I took the plunge on this one.

The premise is simple. A random group of people get stuck in a lift. The tag lines give away the supernatural element, as does the title of the film. I can understand why they did that, but it would have worked better being left unknown.

It doesn't ruin it though. The mystery of who the devil is works well, and the daft plot is made to work by some great performances. This is a very watchable film with elements of horror and suspense, held together by solid characters.

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