Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead


Action / Comedy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 83%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 68%
IMDb Rating 6.9 10 20558


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Martin Starr as Daniel
Derek Mears as Stavarin
Amrita Acharia as Reidun
Ingrid Haas as Blake
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by darksyde-63508 10 / 10

More grue from Norway

Picking up right where the first film ended (not to worry if you haven't seen the first one, they tell the story in flashbacks at the beginning) Hertzog and his troop of Nazi zombies are back to get their revenge. A few things differ in this movie from the first. First of all, there are a lot more comedic moments in this sequel. But to make up for that there is also a ton more gore. Intestines are constantly ripped out, a few heads are stomped, a few impalements happen, and lots more. They also gave Hertzog and his zombies the ability to talk in this one, where they weren't able to in the first. Hertzog also has the ability to raise the dead to join his army, as does Martin, the only survivor from the last movie, who returns in this as well. One of the downsides of this movie, are some of the supporting cast, such as the two female members of the American zombie hunters, who while their supposed to be played for comedic effect, are more annoying than funny. All in all, this movie outdoes the original in almost every way. See it.

Reviewed by TonyMontana96 2 / 10

A dreadful, massive disappointment.

After the pleasantly surprising first picture, I expected an even better second outing, but what I got was a film too stupid for its own good, with annoying side character's and outlandish, very silly moments that make the first picture seem like a documentary. Aside from one neat, well-choreographed battle sequence and a good central performance from the returning Vegar Hoel (Martin), the film is a mess. This time the jokes are way off, I didn't laugh and found some of the violence reprehensible and pointless, for example there's one scene where The Nazi loses his arm, Martin's car goes off the road and he wakes up in a hospital, with his arm reattached only it's not his, and during an escape from the hospital he kills a young child by accident and tries to see if he's breathing, gut's spray the screen and you see the child motionless and ripped open, I'm guessing this was an attempt at humour, but it was distasteful and unfunny.

They try to include a more advanced story this time, using a plot device that shows the Zombie's main objective and what they really wanted, which was not the gold, but it's tacked on and forced and really pointless. Whenever a horror or comedy film works really well, there's usually a sequel, one that never feels anything but disappointing, and here we are, but somehow this one is awful. The new character's, Monica, Daniel and Blake are nerds with irritating personalities, one of them continuously references Star Wars and at one point says "May the force be with you", now is this meant to be a badass zombie picture or a nerd's round up point, the screenwriters seem to be mistaken as there's nothing cool about this gory nerd-fest. There's plenty of unnecessary carnage too where the zombies storm into a peaceful town and butcher families who were merely living in the wrong town at the wrong time, now the film think's this is entertaining but It's actually repulsive because it's not necessarily a fight, but a massacre that never needed to happen.

Other problems include terrible dialogue, predictable, lame clichés and a lot of dreadful camera-work from Tommy Wirkola who at times makes the violence look incoherent. The thing that really sealed the nail in the coffin was the ending though; which has Martin digging up his dead girlfriend, so he can resurrect her, and have sex with her in the back of a car whilst Bonnie Tyler's Total eclipse of the heart play's in the background, over the top and disgusting even for a zombie picture, and it was not funny, it was cringeworthily bad and summed up the film as a whole, stupid, pointless and a massive, dreary disappointment. Dead Snow 2 is so awful, it has put me off ever seeing the third one, when it eventually comes out, and I can tell, they will make up another ridiculous story to keep this franchise running.

Reviewed by tenshi_ippikiookami 6 / 10

Improves on the first

"Zombis Nazis 2" is a highly entertaining, tongue-in-cheek, silly, over the top splatter which pays homage to movies like "Evil Dead" while keeping its own personality. Only some problems of pace and some decisions over a couple of characters (as the cringe-worthy at moments Glenn) let the movie down.

Even if you haven't watched the first one, "Zombies Nazis 2" brings you up to pace pretty fast: Martin and friends went to have a crazy weekend at a cabin, but some zombies, which were also Nazis, decided to kill them all. Martin was the only survivor (minus right arm) and he is happy to have come out alive. However, things get complicated again pretty fast: he is suspect of the deaths of his friends and detained. And the zombies are not happy with just getting their gold back.

Cue lots of splatter, blood, silly, but very silly humor (again, sometimes a little bit cringe-worthy) and a very on your face approach to the proceedings. Wirkola does a great job in keeping everything going on (even if the pace suffers at moments, specially with the apparition of the Zombie Squad and the side quest to find the Russians), putting a joke when we are starting to get tired of so many guts flying around. The actors do a great job, jumping into the proceedings with glee and probably a good stock of clothing. The camera-work and the use of locations has improved and it seems the budget was way higher this time around. All in all it makes for a good 90 minutes.

"Zombis Nazis 2" will be enjoyed by fans of the genre. If it could have had a better rhythm...

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