Crying Freeman


Action / Crime / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.5 10 11597

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July 13, 2020 at 06:02 PM


Mark Dacascos as Yo Hinomura / Freeman
Rae Dawn Chong as Detective Forge
Paul McGillion as Detective
Tchéky Karyo as Detective Netah
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jason_13 7 / 10

One of a kind action film

I've never supported the idea of discussing underrated or overrated action movies, because basically, they are all the same. Crying Freeman proved me wrong and I am thankful. Even a 90s action might earn your respect.

Yo Hinomura/Freeman is an assassin who is captured killing Yakuza mobsters. As he risks his life in a bloody battle for leadership and respect, a beautiful woman falls in love with him, offering her help.

First, I want to note that Crying Freeman is one of the most beautiful action movies, ever shot. It's not the "gunshots" that make it attractive. It's not the experimental directing style that provokes your curiosity. It's the lightly, rhythmical plot development. There are a couple of very beautiful shots that you'll never find in a Steven Segal film. The creators show how much they care about that story which is based on anime series. I always like movies that are made out of artistic passion and love for the particular genre.

Crying Freeman, unlike most 90s "boom-boom" flicks, tells a story about honor and human will. Freeman is a perfectly shaped character, quite likable, although he is not "the guy who saved the world". Silent and prepared, dangerous and wise. I never asked for such things before watching the movie and I am sure nobody has. Maybe that is why I loved it.

It's the depth of the story that made the movie very different for me. This is arguably one of a kind film that depends on its own style. Crying Freeman is almost modest and unambitious which is something, I personally, haven't seen in the past couple of year. Christophe Gans's movie promises to remain a classic if future generations manage to look through its "soul".

Of course, comments about the cast could hardly be made. Due to realism purposes, the creators have gathered a cast of almost unknown performers who do their best and in my opinion, succeed, delivering good performances.

The bad points are almost imperceptible. I kinda disliked how some scenes are way too dark. I've always hated that in movies. Yes, it is more authentic, but you can easily miss a character being killed or something like that. I had hard times, recognizing the villains in the third act, because some of them are killed in the first half on the movie.

Crying Freeman makes us realize we were in a big mistake. There are action movies about moral values.

Reviewed by kluseba 8 / 10

An honest and a diversified movie despite its flaws

Many critics didn't appreciate this movie. They mentioned the thin plot. They said that the movie contained too many stereotypes. They complained about thin dialogues throughout the movie. They criticized the editing of the action scenes. They said the movie was too slow paced.

All these critics are partially right. Nevertheless, I truly enjoyed this movie. For a debut movie, Christophe Gans did the best he can with a very low budget.

Even though a lot of scenes were turned in Canada or in the studios, the movie still has an exotic touch as it is set in Seattle in the United States of America first, later in the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada and towards the end even in mainland China as well as in different places in Japan.

Apart of the settings, the corpse paintings are well done, the Asian costumes are well chosen and the fight scenes with or without arms have some kind of aestheticism at some points without being too pretentious.

The rather unknown actors at that time with the charismatic Mark Dacascos and the solid Julie Condra also did a good effort. Even though the story is not always credible and somewhat predictable, the connection between the two main actors is definitely there. They have known each other on the set of this film and became a couple that actually married and got three children until today. That's why the soft love story is more than just professional acting as it seems and surprisingly authentic.

The movie is in fact a real life adaption of a famous manga and anime series but in comparison to many similar adaptations, this kind of movie can also easily please to those that don't know the original. I usually dislike the whole manga phenomenon. I think it's overrated and has taken the place of many other and more intriguing cultural aspects of Japan. It's a little bit like sushi as there are so many better Japanese foods than this one. But I happened to adore this movie without caring for its origins. A fan of the original series may analyze this flick from a wholly different point of view.

This movie is basically a solid action movie with a good dose of suspense, different exotic cultural elements flawed by a few stereotypes, some soft porn moments that never get too far but also some calm and quiet parts with emotional moments that give the characters some depth and development. The balance between fast paced passages and slow moods is well found in my opinion. Fans of intelligent suspense flicks may find this movie too simple. Action fans would like to see more martial arts aspects. But those who like more than just a couple of genres will surely adore this movie as a whole and recognize its diversity.

The movie won't win a price for exquisite and philosophical dialogues but I prefer the quiet silent and mysterious character of a skilled killer that has fallen in love with his victim to one of those films with endless chatting and pretentiously cool proverbs at each three minutes. I prefer the rude shooting scenes and the rare but well done martial arts moments to car chases without an end, big set explosions or soulless computer effects. This movie is rather grounded and simple. It's easy to watch. But it's sympathetic and still varies to be intriguing enough to watch this flick more than just once.

Anybody that likes a simple but honest action movie with a romantic side story and some exotic Asian elements in a reasonable running time, should try this film out. Anybody that is waiting for something explosive, innovating or profound should go for a bigger production.

Normally I would just give this film seven points but it had a certain kind of magic that is hard to describe but that really addicted me. I already feel the need to watch this movie again. I would also like to show it to some of my mates which doesn't happen very often. This flick is a surprising little gem.

Reviewed by starpeople 7 / 10

Brilliant work of art

Some spoilers may follow.

"Crying Freeman" is one of my favorite movies ever. I can watch it again and again many times. This movie is first of all a work of art. It is uncanny beautiful, in every small detail. Almost each episode I can watch through as if it were a picture of a talented artist. Graceful, elegant, very aesthetic - CF is a masterpiece of visual art. I fell in love with it when I first saw the starting credits: a wonderful katana sword turning and revealing the title in a flash: "Crying Freeman". And the rest of the credits, no less beautiful. I thought that if the creators of this movie could make the opening title so stunningly beautiful, then the movie itself would not disappoint me as well. And it didn't. But besides visual beauty, CF has a marvelous plot, actors and... Well, I'll simply say the whole blend of all things that make a movie is perfect in the "Crying Freeman". And again, when I try to describe my impression from some part of the movie, I can think of only one word - beautiful. No, even "fair". Yo Hinomura, deadly and elegant, as a katana blade. Beauty of death. And his another side - soft and artistic. Beauty of art and poetry. Emu O'Hara, fair and tender. Beauty of peace and modesty. Lady Hanada. Even she has the beauty - of pride and honor. Beauty can be found in every detail.

And deep layers that accompany each Christophe Gans' movie... You might watch "Crying Freeman" a hundred of times and on the hundred and first you'll something you haven't seen before.

I am very grateful to all the people that made the creation of "Crying Freeman" possible.

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