Close Calls


Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.9 10 261

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stsinger 7 / 10

Entertaining (if a little long) horror flick!

"Close Calls" is an entertaining, if a bit long, little horror flick. The film stars Jordan Phipps as Morgan, a teenaged girl who has been grounded after her father caught her in an, ahem, "compromising position" with her boyfriend. Turns out that a year earlier, her mother died and her father is going out on another date with a woman named Brynn that Morgan hates. As he leaves, he reminds her that she needs to give Gramma her pills. Morgan whines and moans and curses and basically acts like a spoiled brat, and her father leaves for his evening. And then Morgan ends up having quite the night, to say the least.

While there is a lot of creepy goodness going on, "Close Calls" almost seems like they intended to make one movie and then changed their minds halfway through and made another one instead, but left all the footage from the first one in there. Not sure if that was intentional or not, but it gives the movie a surrealistic feel about it. In the first half of the film there are hints of the supernatural -- Gramma lives in some weird almost otherworldly part of the house, locked away with all sorts of supernatural hints about her, and Morgan's interactions with her are really unsettling. Also deeply unsettling is what happens during a visit from her boyfriend. Asi f that weren't enough, Morgan also gets some very weird and creepy phone calls. But most of that is seemingly dropped in the second half when the film moves to other events (which I won't spoil) that are not grounded in the supernatural but are, in many ways, even more disturbing.

At two hours and eight minutes, the film could definitely use some trimming. But it never really drags. Jordan Phipps is getting raves in many reviews for her performance in this film, and those raves are well deserved. It is a brave and complex performance. She spends a lot of time in skimpy outfits and is able to balance vulnerability, fear, and determination throughout. The rest of the cast also does well, and the directing and lighting is clean and professional. As is the case with many indie flicks, the sound could use some work (sometimes too soft and dialogue is spoken very quickly so hard to understand), but still pretty decent. Overall, the film packs a nice whallop and its virtues make it easy to overlook its flaws.

Overall, easy to recommend "Close Calls" as an solid way for horror movie fans to spend a couple of hours.

Reviewed by dperky 6 / 10

Memorable, If Flawed Indie Horror Flick

Close Calls is one of those films that sort of defies description. Is it a home invasion movie? Sort of. A slasher? It has its slasher-y moments. A piece of an Italian horror inspired fever dream? Definitely! It's a shame that, with so many strong influences, Close Calls never quite gels as a cohesive whole, but we'll get to that later.

Close Calls is about a young woman who's pretty bummed to be left to care for her ailing grandmother who lives in her and her father's attic while her father goes off on a date with her royal witch of a stepmother-to-be. Feeling bored, our heroine takes some drugs and things start getting a bit out of hand. Is she imagining that her grandmother lives on a soiled mattress in a dusty attic? Are those phone calls she keeps getting really pose any major threat?

Writer/director Richard Stringham has a gorgeous visual style, wild ideas, and a flair for finding beauty in the macabre, but his script is messy and suffers from overlength. Honestly, the entire subplot with the grandmother could have been removed altogether since it's never quite clear if the grandmother really does live in a disgusting old attic or if that's just something the heroine is imagining. It's interesting by itself, but it doesn't end up adding much in the end. The evil stepmother has an awful English accent (I'll feel like an idiot if she's actually English, but it sounded phony to my ears and could have been avoided altogether) and some of her moments between her and the father could have been trimmed a bit.

Leading actress, Jordan Phillips, is pretty good, though, and she'd better be since she's in just about every frame of the film. It did seem like a strange and distracting choice to have her in a bra and panties for the entire film, though. I kept wanting her to at least put on some pajamas before she catches cold.

Close Calls is definitely a movie you'll remember even if it's not quite a masterpiece (although, the cinematography is some of the best I've seen in an indie horror film in quite some time).

Reviewed by hodgesjaym 3 / 10

Things to know about this movie

So, I consider myself a movie buff in general, and am open to all concepts and ideas, but this one has me wondering what I just watched. Below are my takeaways from this "movie".

1. Chose a genre already! In this two hour span I saw the attempts at a horror, slasher, soft core porn, psychedelic thriller, period piece and comedy. It was like they just couldn't figure out what they were going for, or they had multiple writers that couldn't agree on anything so they just did everything.

2. Pick a time period and stick with it. The girl has a cell phone and all kinds of other modern devices, however the phone in her dad's office is an old tabletop rotary phone? He supposedly makes all kinds of money and he has that? It seems far fetched.

3. Pick a story and go. Stop with the hey we have a creepy stalker with a promiscuous teen, then throw grandma in there, don't forget the dad and his girl friend needing a part, but then let's bring in her boyfriend too! Oh yeah, there is the teen boyfriend that looks like he is at least 25, but then let's do away with him. Oops, here is grandma again... Come on there is no continuity in this thing...

4. Having a good looking teen run around in her bra and panties throughout the entire movie would be unnecessary if there was even a hint of a story line. It also seems a little degrading to her and pervish of the writers and director. I guess they were hoping people would continue watching in hopes that they would get to see her naked. (Spoiler, you don't, you see her butt and her boobs with pasties covering the nipples.)

5. Having at least one person that can act would be nice. I mean the girl is the best actor in this film, and calling her an actor is stretching the limits.

6. Remember there needs to be an ending to all of the story lines you started! You cannot write plots and sub plots and not give them some sort of closure.

7. If you are dead set on watching this movie and you are a fan of recreational drugs, try some acid or shrooms, and then watch it. I bet it would be so much better!

Overall, this film had potential in the beginning and lost it pretty quick. I watched all the way through in hopes that there would be some sort of explanation at some point as to what was going on. There was not...

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