Backdraft II


Action / Crime / Drama

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Donald Sutherland as Ronald Bartel
Joe Anderson as Sean McCaffrey
William Baldwin as Brian McCaffrey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by spnatural-85893 6 / 10

not bad

I enjoyed the movie didn't expect it to grab my attention cause im a vintage person i love the first backdraft it did creep me out a little to see how much william baldwin looks alot like alec these days lol....donald's character just as creepy as ever works thou and sean's past haunts him to a point but all around not terrible to watch i loved the references to the first one throughout ignore all the lame asses that cant grasp at what they filmed if you loved the first one give this on a try and ignore all the others and watch it for yourself!

Reviewed by kimbpaul 6 / 10

Ignore all the negative's decent enough

Maybe because I'm not a professional firefighter or maybe because when I watch dramas like this, I'm willing to suspend my expectations of 100% accuracy in exchange for entertainment, I enjoyed this movie. I enjoyed Donald Sutherland's portrayal of total creepiness. He nailed creepy, deranged old man. There were a few extraneous characters, like the girlfriend, but she was needed for one scene in particular (no spoilers from me!) Sean is a flawed person. It's his motivation. A few loose ends, like the connection between the Tuckers & the bad guys, but no big deal. I didn't care enough to get all wound up about it. I probably won't watch it again, but it was okay for a one-off

Reviewed by transientdreams 8 / 10

Great Movie If You Have an IQ above a Hundred...

Sadly, many of the armchair "critics" who toss their opinions around about solid movies, and especially late-remakes are insidiously inept and often fairly illiterate. (and do forgive me if I add or omit some commas where they do, and don't belong). Often, they never watch the whole movie, but comment anyway. Usually negatively. IMDB should RAISE the standard of critiquing a movie by demanding at least 1,000 characters. They should also have a full time staff delete the damn fools who love to say "Worst movie ever". Idiots like this just waste valuable bandwidth and other people's time. Smarter people. The kind of people I hope I still am. Anyway, what also happens is that people tend to condemn movies like this that are very damn straightforward and in-your-face disturbing. Donald Southerland's performance was extremely disturbing and powerful. Been watching him for almost 50 years and I even wanted to dislike it because it was so intense at times. I don't look for reviews I might agree with, or those that might save me 90 minutes of my life. I look for balance in honest discernment based on the ability to think deeper than just a gut-reaction. As someone who specialized in a certain art-form years ago, I would always tell my students NEVER to judge their own work. Let it live and age. It will change every week, month, and especially over years. 'Judgement' is final in the mind and never allows the growth of a re-perception. 'Discernment' however, allows for a possible expansive evolution of thought, reevaluation of meaning, and especially 'inspiration' where many creative minds that have already closed might expect to find it least.

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