Casa Vita


Drama / Family / Romance / Sport

IMDb Rating 6.4 10 394

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Sherilyn Fenn as Marlene Lindstrom
Joe Lando as Cliff Lindstrom
Jean-Luc Bilodeau as Early Lindstrom
Esai Morales as Rodrigo Vita
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by januszlvii 10 / 10

A Perfect Date Movie

I love this movie, and it is a shock it only has only one other review. It is the kind of movie that you can watch with a woman, and not only feel comfortable, but feel happy watching. It has sports ( baseball), for guys like me and cooking for her. What really makes it special is the attention to detail such as the kinds of Mexican Chili Peppers that are mentioned, and the chemistry between the main characters ( Early the baseball player from Iowa and Ariana the chef from Los Angeles). Obviously, there is going to have the " Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, and boy gets girl back" outcome, but the process ( as well as the outcome) is what makes it work. A big part of the process involves " Following your dreams." For Ariana it is opening her own Mexican Restaurant specializing in fusion Mexican making foods like Mexican paella, while her father wants her to make traditional Mexican dishes in his restaurant. For Early it is playing baseball despite a shoulder injury and his farher wanting him to work on the farm. Spoilers ahead: Early gets injured and cannot play again, but his positive attitude, work ethic ( which you see throughout the movie )including in the kitchen with Ariana)), and teaching others to play baseball better ( including Ariana's brother Beto), allows him to have have a job coaching baseball in LA ( instead of going back to the farm). As he tells Ariana at the end. " I can have the TWO things I love." Ariana realized he loves her every bit as much as baseball. 10/10 starsm A Perfect Date Movie.

Reviewed by gccates 7 / 10

Béisbol and a Mexican Feista!

Lindsey Morgan takes on her first leading role in this romantic made for TV film alongside Baby Daddy hearthrob Jean-Luc Bilodeau.

The story opens with Early, an aspiring professional baseball player who receives a letter stating he's been accepted to a big league prospect camp in Los Angeles. Despite his farmer father's wishes for him Early takes off the follow his dreams.

Meanwhile in Los Angeles Ariana is plotting to get out form under her father's thumb. She currently works at the family restaurant, Casa Vita however she has much different plans. She dreams of opening her own restaurant where she is in full control of the menu. Though her father supports her brother Beto's baseball dreams he doesn't believe she's ready to branch out on her own.

While at baseball camp Early meets Beto who offers him a chance to get a decent home-style meal by inviting him to his family's restaurant. There Early meets Ariana and her father Rodrigo ends up offering him a job. Ariana is skeptical to Early and his lack of experience but he soon wins her over.

This was a cute romantic movie for for a day or night in. The main characters both have equal narrative and have a sweet chemistry.

Refreshingly Ariana doesn't have to make the usual TV movie choice between a man and her career and instead is working towards having both.

There's a great blend of baseball and Mexican culture in between the romance and family moments. Ariana will introduce you to traditional Mexican dishes and spices while adding her own fusion flare. Retired professional baseball player turned actor Casey Bond plays Early's baseball camp rival.

Reviewed by toncincin 4 / 10

MEH ...

UpTV is running this 2016 movie as a new one in 2019 under the title "Love Takes a Curve." Way too many storylines: 1) Iowa boy goes to LA to baseball camp against his father's wishes: 2) Iowa boy takes job at Mexican Restaurant and meets girl; 3) Mexican Restaurant girl wants to use her recipes, father won't let her; 4) Mexican Restaurant girl wants to open her own place;) 5) Mexican Restaurant girl's father is angry; 6) Iowa boy is being wooed by a yukky beautiful agent and Mexican Restaurant family is mad at him; 6) Pitcher hates Iowa boy from day one (for no reason that's ever explained); 7) Iowa boy makes team and gets hurt in first game BUT then gets to be a college coach; 8) Iowa boy's dad is happy with his choice.

I had trouble keeping up with all the different story lines. Disjointed to say the least. BUT EVERYONE LIVES HAPPILY EVER AFTER...

It's a nice movie to watch when there's nothing else to do - but NOT very good.

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