Caesar's Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus


Documentary / History / News

IMDb Rating 6.7 10 103

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dbhurst 7 / 10

omG, do you smell a rat?

If you hear crosstians telling you what you have to believe or you'll go to eternal punishment in hellfire sanctioned by The One Holy Loving God and you think you smell a rat gnawing at your God-Given Grace, even your Soul, you'll appreciate the gospel-fictions approach joseph atwill uses to deconstruct the rat-reeking stories crosstians have long used to shut the doors to the Kingdom of Heaven before you.

if you think that The One And Only Unborn Unnamed Unknown And Unknowable God Who Lives In Your Heart would never judge you based on that blasphemous idolatrous book because it would so clearly be unjust, you'll appreciate the freedom of thought exhibited in this documentary, necessary to evade the detestable human beast, (who wants to cage your soul by framing you with guilt for crimes you never committed and trumping up false charges against you, then offering you a plea bargain but only if you'll partake in, perpetuate and compound the abomination of a human sacrifice by eating human flesh and drinking human blood) and you'll appreciate the opportunity to shut that vicious old accuser up and down by using the logical arguments you'll find in this documentary.

if not, enjoy your li(v)es in slavery to a brutal dictatorship of propaganda who cares neither for God nor man because you won't like this documentary, but you would rather stay comfortable in your addiction to blasphemy and idolatry, an easy way to a false God.

Reviewed by peter-abramenko 1 / 10

Total contrived nonsense

This is total contrived and nonsense. Regardless of whether you are an atheist or a Christian and irrespective of whether you believe in his divinity or not, the historical Jesus is so well documented away from any Roman sources in so many different triangulations that to make this statement that Jesus is not a historical figure but rather a creation of the Romans is ridiculous.

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