Blame It on Rio


Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 9%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 41%
IMDb Rating 5.7 10 9220


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Michael Caine as Matthew Hollis
Demi Moore as Nicole 'Nikki' Hollis
Michelle Johnson as Jennifer Lyons
Valerie Harper as Karen Hollis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bill Slocum 7 / 10

Make Room For Daddy

A comedy where a middle-aged man has sex with his best friend's teenage daughter would seem morally wrong on so many levels as to violate municipal zoning ordinances. So why my lack of shame in copping to really enjoying this movie?

Watching "Blame It On Rio" back in 1984 when I was 18, the following items appealed to me. 1. Michelle Johnson naked. 2. Michelle Johnson in white pants. 3. Michael Caine's monologues. 4. Caine's chemistry with Joseph Bologna. 5. Michelle in her two-toned bikini.

Watching it now doesn't change what I like so much as in what order. Michelle Johnson is an extraordinarily beautiful woman and an engaging presence when she doesn't have a crying scene, and I think I have grown to appreciate her in other stages of dress, but the person that makes this film work for me now is Caine, whose level of commitment to this film is a thing of wonder.

"Blame It On Rio" is a sex farce which skates around real human feelings with moments of slapstick and sitcom repartee. There are about 150 ways the film can go wrong, but Caine sells it by keeping it light and silly.

Caine's character, Matthew Hollis, is a sympathetic, awkward type whose life gets upended when his wife Karen (Valerie Harper) decides she isn't going with him on vacation to Rio de Janiero. So it's just him, his friend Victor (Bologna), Victor's daughter Jennifer (Johnson), and Matthew's daughter Nicole (Demi Moore.)

Victor rides Matthew about making the most of his new opportunity: "Is tasting life, creating a little magic, is that cheating? You're a long time dead."

Jennifer has her own ideas on what Matthew should be doing, which she unleashes on him at an evening wedding festival at a beach: "Poor Uncle Matthew, he never had a chance."

Her nude scenes still pack a punch, but its the stuff in-between the nude scenes that excite me more now. Caine with anything in his hands, whether it be grating a carrot or brushing his teeth, is joyfully amusing, and his one-liners as revealed "Alfie"-style to the camera are just a lot of fun: "He needed my's like asking an arsonist become the fire chief."

Bologna also makes me laugh, but something else, too. In his own askew, over-emoting way, he's the heart that makes the film work. When he discovers his daughter has been seeing another man, he immediately settles on Matthew - for help finding the culprit. This accounts for the funniest scenes in the film, but it also gives us something to care about. You laugh at Victor's blindness, but you also feel a little between the giggles when he tells Matthew: "You're a rock."

The main problem I have with "Blame It On Rio" is it is not all that sharp in the one-liner department. Co-screenwriter Larry Gelbart was the guy behind "Tootsie" and the best years of the sitcom "M*A*S*H," but he and Charlie Peters don't produce an especially witty script. There are funny lines, but more duds than you'd expect. "I've always had a problem with nudity. Sometimes, when I'm getting undressed, I almost wish I could leave the room, know what I mean?" Matthew asks us at one point. Fortunately, the writing gets much better in the second half, especially in the last twenty minutes when Matthew discovers he's not the only guy keeping a secret.

Celebrated director Stanley Donen makes the most of the natural beauty and native music of his location while keeping everything as light and fizzy as a tropical drink. "Blame It On Rio" may be morally dubious, but it's solid Hollywood fun of the kind Donen delivered for decades and as good a film as any for him to go out on. And thanks to Caine, "Blame It On Rio" still holds up.

Reviewed by witster18 7 / 10

Naked Ladies and Clever Writing Go A Long Way

Super-mild spoilers(you'd get tenX as much from the trailer or packaging summary). The worst thing about this film is the opening and closing credits. One might stop there and say nothing else, but I feel an obligation to say more.

"Blame it On Rio" is a light-hearted, yet ultimately serious-enough adult sex-romp/love-triangle shot in Rio with decent performances. The storyline is definitely taboo, and imo, a big reason this film is rated so low. There's a solid script here and the film IS entertaining.

The film tides-things-up rather nicely - no easy task! And the films' latter-half really has a few knockout jokes... extremely clever moments. A few extra twists add to the fun. I didn't know the ranking here until after I viewed the film. I was shocked. 5.7? Really? OK. Genuinely surprised as I enjoyed-it. It's definitely not pc, but that is so the point. This is pure 80's sex-romp at heart, only extremely well-written with above average performances all-around(it is a comedy after all).

It doesn't all work. Some of it, a lot of it, is a little far-fetched(and improper -again, the point?) The cast and writing douses those fires quite a bit. There's one particular sequence in the middle of the film that is either a poorly executed short dream sequence, or a just a mistake/inconsistency in the story.

You get a young Demi Moore in a smaller role, albeit her part is nice addition/dynamic to the overall storyline, and Michelle Johnson is just a knockout here. Absolutely an enjoyable, adult spin on the sub-genre. I laughed-out-loud a few times down the stretch, and I've seen my share of comedies rated over 5.7 that didn't make me do that, certainly with this much frequency. The cat and mouse tension is nicely executed. Eh, it doesn't surprise all that much, the score, but the film is better than 5.7 imo. I'd say more like 6.7/67/100.

You might like this if you liked(or also ck out): 10(dudley Moore/about even or ever-so-slightly below), Woman In Red(not as good), or Oxford Blues(even or a smidge below). Soft 7. Good fun.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 6 / 10

A moderately entertaining sex farce.

The uncomfortable premise of this mid-'80s sex farce sees middle-aged married man Matthew Hollis (Michael Caine) succumbing to the advances of his best friend's infatuated teenage daughter Jennifer (Michelle Johnson), blaming his scandalous actions on Rio's impulsive atmosphere. This rather tasteless plot, which also sees Matthew's wife Karen (Valerie Harper) conducting an affair with Jennifer's father Victor (Joseph Bologna), allows for lots of broad comedy, with Caine's character squirming awkwardly as he desperately tries to pretend that nothing untoward has occurred. It's reasonably funny to watch, but wildly inappropriate, making the film something of a guilty pleasure, even more so given that its young but well-developed star, Johnson, happily flaunts her naked body at every opportunity.

Those who opt to fly down to Rio with Caine and Co. will also be treated to an early appearance from Demi Moore as Matthew's daughter Nicole, who also briefly goes topless, and the unforgettable sight of Michael Caine's incredibly massive spectacles (blame THEM on the '80s!).

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