West of Hell


Fantasy / Horror / Western

IMDb Rating 4.5 10 512


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Tony Todd as Jericho Whitfield
Lance Henriksen as The Devil
Richard Riehle as Mr. Braxton
Michael Eklund as Roland Bursley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 3 / 10

An abysmal horror western...

I must admit that I had somewhat more of an anticipation for the movie, given the fact that it has both Tony Todd and Michael Eklund on the cast list. And the fact that it is a horror movie wrapped up in a western attire, just made it all seem all the more interesting.

But alas, that was not to be. I managed to endure 45 minutes of the ordeal that is known as "West of Hell" before I gave up out of utter hopelessness and boredom. Actually, the movie had drained all energy away from me and I was starting to fall asleep as well. Yep, the movie was that boring.

Nothing of any worth or interest happened in the movie. The characters were one-dimensional cardboard cutouts with an equal amount of personality as a mosquito. And that made it a complete snoozefest to sit through and be tormented by watching.

Not even Tony Todd or Michael Eklund could do anything to lift up the abysmal display of pointlessness that transpired on the screen.

I have no intention of returning to watch the rest of the movie, because there was nothing, and I do mean that literally, to keep me interested, not in the story, not in the characters, not in whatever plot was unfolding with the shapeshifter.

One might actually be tempted to hope that the train the movie took place on would derail or crash, and ending the misery of the movie that is "West of Hell".

Reviewed by ops-52535 2 / 10

its a tank engine pulling a story

Oh, what can i say without spoiling anything. well i'm not overexcited,though the propmakers have done their job, the story could have been written on a paper napkin, the yellow glow staight through the movie, could make you think its a gold rush movie, but its all about revenge and avenge between the good the bad the ugly and the devil and so on made as haunting as my empty wallet. there are no new angels of filmmaking to find in this feature , and as long as the movie consists of two or three locations, it bears all the signs of low budget.....i cant give less than 2 stars for this chattanooga choo choo tale

Reviewed by stitchedwicked 9 / 10

Fantastic for What it Is

Let me just say that I loved this movie. I knew going into it that it was't going to be a well funded SFX nightmare. As a matter of fact, I had to change my perspective of it 5 minutes into it. I realized that it was more like a stage play. Once I realized that, I really got into it. You had a lot of angry and hurt people stuck on a train together. They had to set the tone immediately and they did. They established the atmosphere the old fashioned way with lighting and ominous foreshadowing. They did an excellent job developing the characters. You understood where they were coming from and what was ahead. It was worth the purchase and I have no regrets. My nieces loved it too. They're 12 and they said it reminds them of a ghost story. It reminded me so much of a few productions I've seen over the years.

If you like films that aren't all about SFX and that focus on character development then this is a good one. I highly recommend viewing it for what it is. I can't fairly review this based on blockbuster standards. It's not that type of film.

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