Barn Red



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Ernest Borgnine as Michael Bolini
Kimberly Guerrero as Lydia Bailey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shiannedog 9 / 10

An Oscar worthy performance by Ernest Borgnine.

Ernest Borgnine's performance in this film was perfect! I was raised on a Wisconsin dairy farm in the 60's and 70's and through this movie I was constantly reminded of my late friends and relatives and their manner of thinking and speaking from the heart and how they related with people both friend and foe. If you want an accurate understanding of the American family farmer you will get it from this film. Here Ernest Borgnine proved that he is an American treasure.

Reviewed by boxerboy-1 7 / 10

Borgnine shines!

If you are looking for the latest buddy film or some other cinematic special effects overload then by all means pass this one by.

But if you want to see a seasoned veteran of the screen in a vehicle that entertains at a relaxed pace, then you may want to check out "Barn Red." While this slow moving drama will have the MTV (read EMPTY-V) reaching for their remotes, those with the patience to stay will see a wonderful performance by an exceptional actor.

Faced with the possible loss of his farm, land that has been in his family for generations, Borgnine's character must make some tough decisions as he tries to enlist the support of his neighbors who are tempted by the promise of great wealth from aggressive land developers.

Other films have looked at the plight of the modern day family farm but few of them have this much heart.

Reviewed by edmessina 10 / 10

Mr. Brauer created a beautiful and emotional film

Barn Red comes across as a wonderful portrait of people who love the land. Mr. Borgnine, one of my favorite actors, personified the warm and benevolent farmer with deep family roots. Rich Brauer painted a beautiful picture of rural Michigan and its people. Mr. Borgnine and Ms. Norris had a chemistry which was totally believable, they came across as solid people with a marvelous mutual connection. This is a story at one level, a relationship at another level and a visually beautiful movie overall. The movie was technically well executed, the storyline was well crafted and the character development was engaging. This is a film which is very much worth the time.

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