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Raquel Welch as Lust / Lilian Lust
Dudley Moore as Stanley Moon
Eleanor Bron as Margaret
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10

a few laughs

Stanley Moon (Dudley Moore) is a short order cook secretly infatuated with waitress Margaret (Eleanor Bron). He prays to God for the strength to speak to her. In desperation, he tries to hang himself and fails. The Devil (Peter Cook) comes to him instead. He is given seven wishes for his soul. Only his wishes aren't as simple as he hopes.

It's not the first time that I got tricked by a DVD cover. I assumed that Raquel Welch would be the female lead. I don't know much about Eleanor Bron but I would definitely prefer Welch who has a minor role as one of the Seven deadly sins, Lust. Overall, there are a few laughs. It tries to be clever. I would be nice to have a bigger role for Margaret. She is more of an object rather than a full character. The idea is cute with some promise. Some of this works more than others.

Reviewed by Robert J. Maxwell 6 / 10

Be Careful When You Wish For Something, That The Wish Is Explicit.

Dudley Moore is a hash slinger who has a more than usually strong crush on a waitress, Eleanor Bron. So Moore sells his soul to the devil, Peter Cook, in return for seven wishes involving his waitress.

Surprise -- the wishes go wrong. If he wishes, say, to be rich and be married to Bron, well, he is, but he didn't bother to specify that Bron should love him, so on their country estate she runs round after other men -- taller men, bronzed men, and crack croquet players.

It's kind of amusing in its winsome British way. Oh, to be in England, now that 1967's here. The garb is cute and on women it's sexy, what with tiny skirts reduced to a length that absolutely requires opaque pantyhose.

The principles work well together. As the devil, Cook is genuinely affable and sympathetic, a typical young man in period wardrobe except for his crimson socks. Dudley Moore is unsurpassed at making arch expressions.

Kind of fun overall. Makes you yearn for the hoof beats of yesteryear.

Reviewed by padawanmovies 7 / 10

It really Tickled me... Possible spoilers

Whenever I know something is a remake, I try my darnedest to always see the original and the remake. Being a kid in the 90s my only knowledge of Bedazzled was the Hurley/Fraser remake, still makes me laugh. However I did enjoy this one more than that one. My favorite parts were 1)the botched hanging; I cant recall another time I've laughed so hard at a characters suicide attempt. 2) the pop star scene; from the 1st LOVE ME scream to the crowd falling upon Wedge this was my fav scene in the entire movie. I loved both songs, they were really catchy. 3)the fly bit; I laugh anytime a camera is really close and shaking in a persons face. 4) the make out scene in the car; those 2 making out, crying, and doting on Peter's character was Hilarious!! 5)the bouncing nuns; did not see that coming, his fear of jumping off the board was just too funny. This was a really pleasant piece of 60s cinema, definitely would watch again...

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