Sunshine on Leith


Comedy / Drama / Musical / Romance

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Jason Flemyng as Harry
Antonia Thomas as Yvonne
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by davidplumridge 10 / 10


Went to an advanced screening of this film with a Q an A with Dexter Fletcher at the end.

Well what a great film, the musical scenes were really well done, and it just felt that the cast were really enjoying themselves. Good all round performances from everyone, nobody stole the show, just everybody contributed their own accomplished style. My personal opinion is that its a really hard job to produce a musical, as it can so easily look amateurish, Mama Mia succeeded, and so does Sunshine on Leith. The locations were superb, especially the closing scene where it appeared as though all of the population of Edinburgh was present and joining in.

The Q and A was very informative, and I will leave you to spot the walk on appearances of Dexter and the Proclaimers.

A great night out,, well done everyone who had a hand in this production.

Reviewed by gacogan 10 / 10

A guilty pleasure, actually a guilty ten.

I should hate this. I thought I would. Take a band whose music is real. A band who don't do poxy love songs. Who do great Scottish songs of independence. A band I admit to loving. Now you try to shoehorn their songs into a musical. It is going to suck. Isn't it?

Actually no. No need to critique whats wrong with this movie. Everything is. It sucks. Its terrible.

I loved every minute. Its not Momma Mia (thank God) Its not Easy Rider. But it is a really enjoyable movie. Loads of fun. Bright, lively and well worth a watch.

This is the perfect date movie. If you, like me, don't like chick flicks. If its too early to watch "The unbearable lightness of being". Then this is a great option. It's just good fun.

Reviewed by Birminghamukengland 10 / 10

Totally enjoyable. Brilliant story. Great music. First class cast.

I bought the soundtrack first and really enjoyed that so was expecting the movie to be as good and I certainly wasn't disappointed.

OK it's no Hollywood blockbuster, but has such a warmth and innocent charm that can not help but appeal.

Reminded me a little of Gregory's girl and Mamma Mia minus the A listers and sun!

Brilliant performances from everyone. Obviously Jane Horrocks is as excellent as she always is.

Will see this again.

More movies like this please instead of the gratuitous violence/stomach churning rubbish and appalling story lines in films like 'Filth'.

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