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Dick Shawn as Mae
John Diehl as The Killer
Peter Jason as The John
Rory Calhoun as Kit Carson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 4 / 10

Jekyll&Hyde Hooker

The film Angel is one of those guilty pleasures one never gets tired of. So popular was it that a sequel was made. Unfortunately some of the cast of this one were killed and they couldn't come back.

The title role is played by Donna Wilkes who is a straight A student in school and kind of reserved, but by night she's working Hollywood Boulevard as a teenage hooker. She has an interesting but dubious reason for doing it which I cannot reveal.

She comes to the interest of LA homicide cop Cliff Gorman because he's looking for a serial slasher killer of young women on the stroll. The killer is John Diehl who likes prostitutes, but who likes them dead before he gets down to business.

This film is delicious god awful trash, but delightful because of some of the outrageous performances by some players who get a chance to really overact and strut their stuff. Susan Tyrell as a foul mouthed lesbian landlord, Dick Shawn as an aging drag queen, and Rory Calhoun who plays an old time western performer who is completely burlesquing his former western stardom in his prime, they're all just having a ball and you enjoy seeing them.

I can't rate Angel more than what I have, but if you watch it you're in for a treat.

Reviewed by windypoplar 6 / 10

a drive-in fantasy!

The best movie ever! OK, so its not. But trust me if your'e looking for exploitation fare at its best, this is it. I'm talking teenage prostitution, guns, the sunset strip in all its decadent glory, drag-queens, dykes, nerds, high school pressure! This movie has it all!

This isn't Shakespeare, it is what it is. The use of La is fantastic, the soundtrack is great. Director Andrew Davis ( the Fugitive) worked on the photography. Donna Wilkes (where have you gone Donna?), is simply so precious, so innocently sexy, she takes your'e breath away. Rory Calhoun, matinée idol in the '50s, is totally whacked out here, he's surreal as Kit Carson(!) Cliff Gorman does a great job as the cop whose seen too many young kids sucked into the sewer of LA, he should have gotten better parts after this. Dick Shawn, who I never really liked, is just great here, a totally sympathetic drag-queen! WOW! Susan Tyrell is awesome as always,s he repulses and fascinates in the same frame.

Angel is the type of late-night viewing that really sticks with you. The plot is complicated by a serial killer, well-played by John Diehl, and you really feel the tension build. Note the small performances in Angel, the guy who plays the street performer was in love with one of the murdered prostitutes, notice his face when he learns of her brutal death. Terrific.

Angel is well worth your trouble, sure it reaches out to the slimy pervert in all of us, but it makes you think at the same time. Is it ever worth it? To damage one person so severely just to get off?

Terrific movie.

Reviewed by lorenzo212 9 / 10

hilarious Hollywood street spoof with great cast

Is it the best movie ever made? No. Is it one of the of the funniest of this genre? Yes. Definitely a must see. The story is a young prostitute meets murderer, but the supporting cast is what makes this a gem. The supporting cast includes: Rory Calhoun, as an aging western film star who still wears his holsters, boots and hat, and protects the streets; Dick Shawn as a transvestite with a heart and in one of his most hilarious roles - this was really Oscar stuff - just fun acting, no stuffiness here; and Susan Tyrrell, who steals the picture as a jaded Hollywood woman with more makeup that a tv evangelists wife. This is a film for a time when you really need to be entertained, not preached at, the film is a gas. Great late night fun flick for a group of friends. Really well done.

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