Thorne: Scaredycat


Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.5 10 1610


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Aidan Gillen as Phil Hendricks
David Morrissey as Tom Thorne
Eddie Marsan as Tughan
Sandra Oh as Sarah Chen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tom Downing 2 / 10

Thorne In The Side

Dull, plodding, poorly written, wooden acting, unrealistic character performance, etc., etc., etc.. As others have said, what is with the psuedo-psycho, guilt ridden cop genre that has cropped up, especially in Britain? I walked away from the story for a while, came back and had not missed one beat of the story (if it even had one, that is!).

An especially idiotic scene has the head detective interrogating a suspect from the front seat of a car, the suspect in the back seat, while swerving across the road trying to get him to confess, when his partner in the back seat attacks the suspect,...and they get rammed by another motorist, crashing the car. Amazingly, being hit on the passenger side where the suspect was sitting, HE is the who gets out, while the so called detectives are trapped inside the car!

That was enough for me.

Reviewed by rlbdoc 3 / 10

Too violent and unrealistic

In short, too violent and highly unlikely to be an actual case scenario. Also for officers to leave themselves that vulnerable is unlikely.

SPOILER ALERT: I think it poorly portrays a person who is bi-polar or has split personality. To be that stealth and not leave clear evidence is unlikely. DNA would get him the first time.

Reviewed by dalescotbates 8 / 10

Pretty damn good but it isn't Scott and Baily

A few reviewers here have rated this as a 1 which I really don't understand. The performances from the actors are first rate and the direction is superb for a TV series. If you compare it with Luther which, don't get me wrong, is wonderful, it's far more believable and better acted. Alright, it has the annoying tendency of all British cop shows to have a "damaged" police officer as the main protagonist, and yes, the procedures aren't exactly accurate, but this is a TV series, not a documentary. If it followed a police officer's role to the letter it would be pretty damn boring. If you want to see something like that then the nearest you'll get to it is the excellent Scott and Baily. Everybody in this show shines. It even has the superb Eddie Marsen in it! I suspect that followers of the books will be a little miffed but as I haven't read the books I couldn't give a monkey's. It might be worth bearing in mind that a book and a TV series are two different things. As for me, I'm gutted they decided not to make more series.

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