Angel Dog


Drama / Family

IMDb Rating 5.8 10 378

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cindywingate 7 / 10

For all the kind-hearted, sweet-natured, gentle, animal loving souls out there....

Angel Dog is a gentle, loving, warm, furry, big, sloppy, lick-your-face movie!... one of the best I have watched for a long time, and although I am a middle-aged woman, I felt all the same wonderful feelings I experienced as a small child, when watching the classic Lassie.

The plot is not littered with the usual clichés... and I don't think I have EVER seen a film where the actors and animals were so natural and at one (surpasses even the great Lassie, K9, Turner and Hooch...!).

If you are a gentle soul, an animal lover, you will find this film perfection. The filming has a fresh, innocent quality - (extremely rare!) And the music stands out as special on it's own merit, whilst matching the mood perfectly.

This one is truly heart-warming, the characters are lovable, the animals are adorable! Loved it!

Reviewed by dlascko 10 / 10

See this movie period!!!

Great storyline well written this one does not leave you flat it keeps you glued to the tube. This is one you cant take a popcorn break for make sure you have plenty at the get go!!And make sure you have the dog sitting next to you they will get lots of attention from you as you watch this amazing well thought out story.I couldn't leave it. I do0nt think you will either. For a small production company filming in San Antonio Tx, this is far from being a low budget movie.The acting and script are first class big budget type stuff. So excellent things do come in small packages.See this movie tonight with your favorite dog.You will not be sorry. I sure wasn't. I was so pleasantly surprised,so was my dog.

Reviewed by nkq-522-14683 9 / 10

A wonderful movie that didn't need a big budget

It's not often that I get hooked on a movie but I'm a sucker for films with strong character development and Angel Dog has plenty of that. It is similar to "As Good as it Gets" in that it is a dog that brings out the best in people. And like "As Good," this film focuses on people. The story moves along quickly thanks to the fine script and direction. The motivations of each character are realistic; there are no dead spots in this film. There are no car chases, terrorist, explosions or gun fire, but still, I could not pull myself away from this film once I started it. Yes, I am a crazy animal lover, but it was the quick pacing and wonderful characters that kept me glued to the screen. There is even a surprising and throat-choking O. Henry moment in the film. It's obvious that this is a low-budget film, but it also is proof that you don't need a big budget to make a good movie, one that puts to shame 95 percent of all the bigger budget films in terms of script quality, direction and editing. It's a feel-good film I could watch over and over again.

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