Look Away


Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 94%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 11046


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India Eisley as Maria / Airam
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by maybe_ed_should_drive 4 / 10

All atmosphere, no substance

This movie looks beautiful, the acting is great, the mood and music is great but it still manages to fall flat. Just like Maria, the film is beautiful on the surface, but underneath you see it for its deformed half-baked self.

Reviewed by musclegirl-97997 4 / 10


This movie seems to be missing quite a bit of critical information. It "hints" that the father is a vain killer. That Maria's mother struggles with mental illness, but does she? This movie doesn't provide enough information for the viewer to decide one way or the other as to what the truth is behind all of this hidden mayhem. If the story line was stronger it could have been a wonderful thriller that would stand the test of time. Unfortunately, most wont even remember the name of this film as it's not worth remembering....

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 6 / 10

Disappointing Ambiguous Conclusion

The shy seventeen-year old Maria (India Eisley) lives a repressed relationship with her parents, the perfectionist plastic surgeon Dr. Dan Brennan (Jason Isaacs) that is unfaithful to his depressed Amy (Mira Sorvino) that unaware of his love affairs. Mara is bullied at the high-school by her schoolmate Mark (John C. MacDonald), who is a hockey player. She is outcast and her only friend is the skater Lily (Penelope Mitchell) and she has a crush on her boyfriend Sean (Harrison Gilbertson), who is gentle with her. One night, Maria finds that her mirror reflection is an independent teenager called Airam that knows her inner feelings and fears that proposes to swap places with her to solve her problems. When she is humiliated by Mark at the prom and by Lily, she accepts to swap places with Airam. She revenges Maria´s abusers and when the trapped Maria requests her to stop, she ignores her appeals. What will happen to Maria, her parents and her mates?

"Look Away" is a dark and melancholic thriller with an ambiguous story of a repressed and bullied adolescent without self-confidence. The way she is treated at school and at home by her father is very sad. The image in the mirror is ambiguous and the viewer does not know whether Airam is a supernatural being (her deformed twin sister) or her repressed desires. The plot is intriguing but the conclusion is disappointing. The 25 year-old India Eisley convinces in the role of a seventeen year-old teenager. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): Not Available

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