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Seth Green as Brandon
Brenda Song as Pen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by munsterhouse 10 / 10


I loved it. I thought Seth Green did a fabulous job as his character. Yes it isn't the norm for him, but so what, he brought a softness to a story about a man at a crossroads in his life. I have always liked him as an actor since 'Airbourne' and Breckin Meyer in 'Clueless'. I saw Brenda Song in something else a couple of years ago and she was a revelation. And Macaulay Culkin always brings something quirky to the table, and the fact that these guys are friends in real life shows through. Clare Grant, Randy Orton, Rose Williams and Kedar Williams-Sterling all bring something worthwhile to the table as well. And Kenneth Won who played Suchin was a wonderful addition and very entertaining. If you are a fan of the main cast I think you will enjoy it very much.

Reviewed by harrisdoran 9 / 10


The movie is hilarious. A joyful film. Worth seeing just for Macaulay Culkin, the soundtrack and the cinematography. Great to see a film that allows for affection between straight men. A great first film from Seth Green. Definitely worth checking out.

Reviewed by cekadah 10 / 10

A winner for Seth Green

A beautifully photographed movie of a man dealing with despondency and heartsickness in a land that offers beauty and a place of complete bliss and delight and peace. But he cannot enjoy this because his world has been cracked open by infidelity.

Seth Green gives a glorious performance as 'Brandon the betrayed husband' and Beckin Meyer is superb as 'Dan the supportive friend'. Together they try to enjoy this exotic trip that Brandon had planned to take with his wife.

Macaulay Culkin shines as 'Ian the free spirit' in this story of one man's struggle to come to terms with his fractured life. Ian brings to Brandon the very jocularity Brandon needs.

A beautiful movie to watch and a thoughtful story to take in.

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