On Your Wedding Day



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vafahamidi 10 / 10

a must watch Korean Movie ( one of the best korean movie )

I Iiterally just Watched OnYourWeddingDay and I can't describe how much I Ioved it. I laughed and cried throughout the whole movie! Well done, guys( park bo young and kim young kwang )! This movie really a masterpiece to me. And yes, it's all about right timing. Thank you for your amazing acting skills. such a great movie !

Reviewed by lalyg-63289 10 / 10

love it

It is one of the best movies I've ever watched. It is a very realistic love story, it touched my heart. I teared up a couple of times while watching this. The characters for this movie are incredible; I loved the girl she was so cute and her personality was amazing. Really portrays an average high school/college girl and I like that. The guy was also perfect; they both went through hardships that people face in real life. Many cute and funny scenes, the ending made me very sad and I didn't want it to be sad but I understand why it ended that way. I will watch this 10,00 more times.

Reviewed by mg23 10 / 10

Beautiful, funny, witty, rather profound K RomCom, a must watch!

Wow.. what an amazing k-romcom movie, that sounds like an empty platitude, but it is not... You will laugh, you will cry, you will be reminded of youth, coming of age and what happens when dreams don't go as planned.

This is yet another well crafted, well scripted, character developed movie that is nothing short of amazing. Kim Young-kwang is so captivating, he steals the show! The motifs are strong, and relate-able: unrealized potential, unrequited love, bad timing, regret , yet coupled with hope, dreams, passion, and what to fight for... it really is a beautiful movie...

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