The Art of Flight


Adventure / Documentary / Sport

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by patrick-magee-96-913757 9 / 10

Amazing scenery, fantastic insight into their world

The cinematography of this film is amazing. Fantastic scenes, the distant views are brilliant, fantastic slow-motion shots. It starts with a journey of small cliffs gradually taking you to some of the most dangerous conditions that these guys snow board in.

It shows what these guys really live for and why they do it. There is not much of a story this is a 'point and view' documentary about the lives of a few pro snow boarders. Very little is said in this documentary and it fits perfectly well.

It certainly gives an insight to viewers about the sort of risks they take for the adrenalin rushes these guys need to feel alive.

This is an amazing view in high definition.

Reviewed by flyingdj 8 / 10

The art of making a beautiful snowboarding movie

Get into a helicopter, get dropped off at the top of the mountain, skate down.

This movie once again makes it seem so easy, yet so impressive at the same time. With a good mixture between big mountain downhill and some of the most impressive jumps you will ever see, "The Art of Flight" is not an educational snowboarding movie. It's a piece that shows you several athletes constantly looking to push the limits.

Whether it is skating down while avalanches are being kicked off left and right, whether they are closely avoiding crashing into rocks on a slope that's not even as wide as a car or whether they land jumps that you thought impossible, this movie will leave you in awe most of the time. Adding to that is the spectacular cinematography in beautiful places like Chile, Patagonia and Alaska. This is hands down the best looking snowboarding piece ever made.

That said, "The Art of Flight" could use a little more direction at points and some of the scenes seemed rather pointless. Other movies build up to a grand finale, this one merely shows you a bunch of guys on the hunt for snow - which does not make it any less of a great movie, but leaves you with a feeling that more could have been achieved. There is very little being said about the personal lives of the athletes as well.

If you're simply looking for big mountain and big air, this is not to be missed. If spectacular images of mountain scenery are your thing, this movie will make you happy. If you're looking for an entertaining movie about snowboarding, you should still go and see this. You might be disappointed though if you're expecting a big story behind it all.

Reviewed by Valithanithizum 9 / 10

The Art of Flight - One Well Worth Taking

The Art of Flight is more than what it seems.

This is an engaging, immaculately filmed, brilliant film that shows what happens when us as humans push our boundaries.

From the breathtaking cinematography, from amazing camera angles and intense vivid slow motion action in the most remote locations in the world. It's really unreal some of the stuff in Art of Flight, it takes nature and snowboarding and combines them into something magical.

Ad mist all the flashy stuff, the film is much deeper - it shows humanity and the struggle for greatness. To keep pushing yourself to the limit, and what to live for. The strive and passion these guys have for taking down the most dangerous sections of mountains to ever be snowboarded upon is just amazing.

If your into sports at all, or movies about pushing your limits of what the human mind and body can do. Or just looking for something gorgeously appealing in high def to sit back and enjoy, look no further than the Art of Flight.

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