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Christopher Plummer as Zev Guttman
Dean Norris as John Kurlander
Martin Landau as Max Rosenbaum
Jürgen Prochnow as Rudy Kurlander #4
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Info-241-562323 9 / 10

Far from what I expected.

I began watching Remember with no great expectations; I thought I'd watch the first 20 minutes or so, and if it seemed promising, I'd come back to it at a later time perhaps.

You will already be aware of the plot/story-line from other reviews etc...; but for those who have not yet seen it, it has a beautiful way of drawing you in somehow. Beautifully written, yet powerful; I found I was becoming so immersed in the movie that there would be no 'coming back to it later'.

Casting and acting are excellent all-round, in what turned out to be perhaps one of the best films I've seen over the past 18 months or so.

There's very little else I can say regarding the film other than 'watch it'... it's excellent.


Reviewed by richard-1967 10 / 10

A Film to Remember

There have been a lot of movies about the Holocaust in the last couple of years, some very good. But none have had the suspenseful screenplay of Remember. This movie is one of the best efforts from director Atom Egoyan since he showed such promise with The Sweet Hereafter in the late 1990s. Perhaps the secret here was his using someone else's screenplay rather than his own.

Excellently acted (when is Christopher Plummer not excellent?), staged, and filmed, and edited down to a taut 95 minutes, this film succeeds not "merely" as a Holocaust reminder but as a self-contained thriller: an engrossing and ultimately thoroughly satisfying piece of cinema.

Reviewed by jack-78597 9 / 10

Tension builds in a well-told tale

I'd caution people to not read any of these reviews that contain spoilers, because they will rob you of a captivating movie experience. This is one movie, believe me, where you do not want to know how it comes out until the movie itself has a chance to tell its tale, much Like "Crying Game" some years ago. I cannot understand people who do this, self-appointed film "experts" who have decided that you do not deserve to let the movie speak for itself. They're like people who blab about surprise parties, or who say "Now watch this!" loudly in a theater. This movie is as well-written and directed as anything you're likely to see this year, and to know too much beforehand robs you of a rare cinematic experience.

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