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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bottjena2 5 / 10

I've never wanted to try Adderall more in my life.

Is it just me or do they glorify Adderall to the point were you wish you could try some right now.

Reviewed by umasspaulc 2 / 10

So... What are the Dangers?

I think this was supposed to be a cautionary documentary about the dangers of legalized amphetamine, but 87 minutes into it and I'm still waiting to hear any negative affects of adderall. I noted Jasper, with minimal medical background, accusing it of "screwing with your liver" and "there was too many enzymes or something". Dr. Farah threw in a sentence about "cardiovascular risks" and "psychotic episodes". Did I miss the other parts in which they explained these risks or offered any case studies or examples?? Huge omission.

Addiction? Not a danger in itself, just could possibly lead to dangers if you need to undertake extreme measures to obtain more. Dehydration and injuries? Possibly, but that can come with any extreme diet or exercise required at the pro level.

Really enjoyed the stories but can someone please explain the real detriments to adderall?

Reviewed by scarlettmansfield 4 / 10

Fascinating subject, poor structure

While the film raises many interesting points, it seems to jump around a lot from those who use it recreationally to excel in their work or studies, to those who have legitimate uses for it. Also, I found it didn't actually do anything to dispel the positive aspects of adderall or discourage those wanting to take it recreationally but it does deter those who want to use it for its actual purpose (ADHD). They just kept seeming to bang on about how great it is to really help you study further and in the wrong hands may encourage more students to try getting hold of the drug.

Overall, interesting aspects within it - such as the history of these drugs - but lacked a coherent structure and bounced all over the place.

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