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Sean Astin as Fox
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by brunohsm-62614 3 / 10


This movie is very boring and bad. I don't like the story and characters.

Reviewed by ivopooters 6 / 10

Ploey is a young bird, who encounters a lot of drama in his first year.

Ploey is a young bird, who encounters a lot of drama in his first year. This sentence in fact covers the entire movie. Totally unnecessary if he just did an effort to fly. Ploey loses his father, and after an attack by a cat the flock leaves without him, assuming he did not survive. He wants to see his girlfriend again (and never mentions his mother), and tries to reach Paradise Valley to survive the Winter until the flock returns in Spring. All this time he refuses to fly... To get to Paradise Valley, he gets help from Giron. The kids truly enjoyed the movie, but it was quite a predictable story and, probably because we are spoiled by Hollywood multi-million dollar animated movies, the animation was not that good. Overall not a bad movie.

Reviewed by soto350 7 / 10

Nice cartoon, but his can spoil the shortcomings!

The main drawback of the cartoon as a whole is its pattern: the protagonist, according to the laws of the genre, has a kind heart; an antagonist because evil; the one character who lost his family because of the antagonist, and wants to settle accounts with him once and for all. The plot itself is a bit like the Soviet cartoon "Seraya sheyka". Another drawback is the repeated demonstration of the termin of "death", especially in the children's cartoon. I myself am confused by the graphics, it sometimes looks crooked and sloppy, and weak, unlike other similar cartoons about birds. One character a ptarmigan Giron looks like a yeti-bird and looks as a permanently drunk middle-aged uncle. In general, I recommend this cartoon to regret and forgive.

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